Production Hall

Increase the productivity of your plant floor employees. Provide them with exceptionally comfortable working conditions by using the easiest and efficient solution for heating, ventilating, cooling and energy recovering.



Protect your stock, the blood of your business by deploying our solution for air supply, air circulation, heating, cooling and energy recovery. Save energy and protect the environment.


Office buildings

Increase the efficiency of your office by ensuring their comfort in the cold days with the efficient and ecological heating and warm water generating solution from Hoval. Add renewable energy sources like solar to save even more.


Educational buildings&sport halls

Give the children the education experience they deserve. No matter if they learn or play, they will always feel comfortable with the fresh air, warmth and warm water provided by efficient and ecological solution from Hoval.


Health Care Buildings

Ensure health care with reliable heating, back up power* and constant hot water supply and all this while saving energy and thus protecting the environment.


Retail Building

Make your customers' like your shop and spend more time and money in it by providing them with comfortable indoor climate with fresh air and constant temperature with a state ot the art solution from Hoval.



Give your guests the warmth and comfort they need to make their stay a pleasant experience. With a solution from Hoval your hotel will have steady supply of heating, hot water and fresh air, when you need them, where you need them and with highest hygienic (anti-legionella) standards. This all at low running, low maintenance costs and reduced carbon footprint.


Data center

Cool down the artificial brain in your facilities to work without interruptions and have always satisfied customers. With a cooling solution from Hoval you will reach high operating security, low running costs and reduced environmental footprint.