Extremely energy-saving

Hoval ServeLine operates with three cooling processes: indirect free cooling, adiabatic cooling and mechanical cooling. This combination gives the highest efficiencies; the energy efficiency ratio (EER) rises to values above 18.

Capacity-optimised control

The ServeNet control system continuously compares the current efficiency of the various cooling processes and selects the best cooling system. Furthermore, it is easy to integrate into the Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Complete modular system

The total output is freely scalable by parallel installation of several ServeCool modules. It can be flexibley adjusted to the actual growth phase of the data center.

Trouble-free operation

ServeLine cools the IT environment indirectly. The air in the server room remains completely separated from the fresh air; this eliminates the possibility of dust or variations in humidity affecting highly sensitive IT equipment.


The most compact system of its kind.

Hoval ServeLine air-conditions data centres and has minimum space requirements. Stand-alone compact units contain all components necessary to provide highly efficient cooling for the IT environment. What’s more, they can be linked seamlessly so that the total output of the system can be scaled.

Advanced use of free fresh air cooling
Air conditioning with minimum space requirements
Maximum design reliability with certified data
Incredibly easy maintenance

Incredibly easy to maintain.

Hoval ServeLine is incredibly easy for the operator to maintain. Maintenance-relevant components are easily accessible, wear parts are commercially available and no special tools are required. All of this avoids unnecessarily high service and maintenance costs.

The big advantage of free cooling.

Hoval ServeLine is setting standards with regard to using fresh air for free cooling. The high efficiency of the plate heat exchangers and the innovative condensation prevention system make this possible: cooling is performed with nothing but fresh air for over 90 % of the operating time.

Reliable planning with SECA.

The ServeLine Efficiency Calculator (SECA) quickly and reliably calculates the annual curve of Hoval ServeLine for any location. The calculation is based on certified measured values and fine-grained weather data, meaning that it provides maximum planning reliability.