TopVent gas
Modular gas burner

The system generates heat where it is needed and guides it directly into the large interior space. It requires neither a boiler room nor a warm water distribution network.


The automatically adjustable Air-Injector reduces the temperature stratificaiton in interiors to 0.15 K per meter height, keeping heat loss through the roof to a minimum.

TopVent gas

TopVent gas are gas-fired recirculation air or supply air units for heating with recirculated air, mixed air or fresh air. They are equipped with a modular gas burner.


  • Heating (with gas-fired heat exchanger)
  • Fresh air supply (duct connection)
  • Mixed air operation
  • Recirculation
  • Air distribution with Air‑Injector
  • Air filtration
Low carbon emissions thanks to energy-efficient operation
Equipped with modulating gas burner
Produces heat energy where it is needed
Short installation times