High-performance energy recovery

ProcessVent reduces with a dirt-resistant plate heat exchanger in corrosion-protected, oil-tight design the ventilation heat requirement by up to 98 % compared to systems without heat recovery.


ProcessVent are compact units for ventilating, heating and cooling production halls with heat recovery from process air.

ProcessVent forms one overall system with the extract air purification plant. The extract air purification plant draws off soiled air from machine tools or welding plants by means of a fan. It purifies this process air and transports it onwards through the extract air duct to the ProcessVent unit.

The ProcessVent unit fulfils the following functions:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Fresh air supply
  • Extract air removal
  • Recovery of heat from the process air
  • Air filtration 

Technical Data:

  • Air flow rate 10000 m3/h
  • Heat energy savings up to 98%
  • Separation rate for particles > 0.3µm 99,95% 
Excellent emission values
Reduction of heating costs by up to 98 %
Decentralised and flexible
Simple handling