Decentralised solution
Maximum flexibility

The use of multiple units makes the system extremely reliable and adaptable to a wide range of operating conditions.


The indoor climate systems inject supply air directly into the interior without requiring supply air and exhaust ducts. This is advantageous in terms of space requirements, hygiene and efficiency.

Patented air distribution

The Air-Injector ensures an optimal air distribution under fluctuating operating conditions and prevents draughts in the occupied area. It is suitable for mounting heights of 4 m to 25 m.

Precise control

The indoor climate units are regulated individually and controlled based on zones. The system flexibly adjusts to local requirements.

Decentralised solution

The perfect climate in every hall.

The perfect climate and pleasant, performance-enhancing conditions for both work and well-being in halls for industrial, commercial and leisure applications. The new generation of decentralised indoor climate systems from Hoval makes it all possible.

The modular ventilation, heating and cooling systems consist of units distributed within the hall space with demand-driven control. Installed in a select number of specific locations, these systems ensure optimum climate conditions throughout the entire hall, even where different requirements are involved. The supply and extract air handling units, supply air units and recirculation units are equipped with optimised air distribution and, if desired, their own heat and cold generation system.

Resource-saving operation
Highly efficient air distribution reduces operating costs
Tailored solution for any large space
Delivered ready to plug in with integrated control components

Decentralised and modular.

We design our Hoval indoor climate systems as technically autonomous and energy-independent individual solutions. Quick and easy to plan, our systems can be perfectly integrated into virtually any environment without the need for structural measures.

And if things change in the future, our solutions simply develop along with your plans. Whether converting or expanding, the modular structure of the Hoval systems allows you to adapt to new challenges with minimal expense and low investment costs.

Efficient and economical.

Hoval indoor climate systems are an easy and efficient solution. The patented Hoval Air-Injector air supply and distribution system helps reduce temperature stratification in the halls. The difference between the room temperature under the roof and the outside temperature remains small and only a minimal amount of energy is lost through the roof.

The Air-Injector’s powerful, efficient air distribution allows the components to cover a large operating area, meaning that only a relatively low air flow rate is required. Not only does this save on investment costs, but also on drive energy and running costs too. Potential energy savings for specific applications can quickly and easily be calculated using the Hoval calculation tool.

The ready-to-connect, pre-installed units with integrated measurement, control and regulation components also ensure cost-effective, quick and smooth system planning, installation and start-up of the systems.

Clean and ecological.

Hoval indoor climate systems create a comfortable climate and always ensure fresh air. By guiding the air streams separately in the plate heat exchanger, dirt and odours from the extract air are diverted directly outside, preventing contamination of the supply air.

The individual indoor climate system units are installed on the ceiling or in the roof, distributed throughout the interior. Supply and extract air ducts are not required and there are no contaminated, difficult-to-clean pipes. Duct-free ventilation is therefore able to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort.

Competent and reliable.

Right from the planning stage, our specialists get to grips with your system’s unique requirements profile. Drawing on their expertise and years of experience, they bring together the best possible units and components from across the Hoval product ranges to create your tailor-made indoor climate system. Energy efficient and cost effective, easy to operate, environmentally friendly, easy to service and good for your staff.