HomeVent comfort FR (150)
Supply air
Extract air
Electronical system

Ensures automatic operation all year round and monitors all important components.

Enthalpy recovery unit

Wheel with sorption coating that can recover heat and humidity from the extract air as required. These processes are continuously controlled by adjusting the speed of the enthalpy recovery unit.

Insect grille

Removable insect and lint filter, washable.


Heat-bridge-free, double-shelled, made of sheet steel, with interior thermal and sound insulation. Access panel screwed on both sides for easy servicing. The interior is hygienically smooth and easy to clean.


Removable cassette filters with low pressure drop. Supply air: pollen filter (F7), extract air: filter (G4).


Power-saving EC direct current motors.

Fresh air
Exhaust air

HomeVent comfort FR (150)

HomeVent comfort FR (150) for smaller flats.

Slim – but not skinny.
Slimline, sophisticated and high-performance – the new HomeVent comfort FR (150). The little red box from Hoval is just as impressive as ist larger HomeVent siblings when it comes to heat and humidity recovery. This comfort ventilation system makes saving space easy.

Economical operation
Economical operation
Easy to install
Healthy indoor climate