HomeVent® comfort FRT (251-451)
Extract air
Extract air
Supply air
Fresh air

Removable cassette filter with large filter surface and low pressure loss.
Supply air: pollen filter (F7), extract air: filter (G4).


Washable and extendable insect and lint filter

Enthalpy recovery unit

Wheel with sorption coating that can recover heat and humidity from the extract air as required.
These processes are controlled in a stepless fashion via the rotating speed of the enthalpy recovery unit.

RadiCal Fans

EC generation with backward curved impeller for further noise minimization and reduction of energy consumption

HomeVent® comfort FRT (251-451)

All together in one direction. Never one-sided.
Things are looking up. This applies for all HomeVent FRT air pipes. Compact design is ensured. Despite its high performance, the FRT series is small enough to be placed in a cabinet in line with EU standards.

In addition, HomeVent ensures an optimal room climate including classic heat and humidity recovery.

To make something simple even easier, the air pipes can be turned and placed as needed thanks to the ingenious sound insulating box.

HomeVent has everything under control.

Spares resources
Lowers costs
Offers variable installation positions
Creates a pleasant indoor climate