HomeVent comfort FR (500)
Electrical system

Ensures automatic operation all year round and monitors all important components.

Enthalpy recovery unit

Wheel with sorption coating that can recover heat and humidity from the extract air as required.
These processes are controlled in a stepless fashion via the rotating speed of the enthalpy recovery unit.


Sturdy, heat-bridge-free, double-shelled, made of sheet steel, with interior heat and sound insulation. Access panel screwed on for easy servicing. The interior is hygienically smooth and easy to clean.


Removable cassette filter with large filter surface and low pressure loss.
Supply air: pollen filter (F7), extract air: filter (G4).


Fan impeller with high efficiency, power-saving EC DC motors.

Insect filter

Removable insect and lint filter, washable.

Supply air
Extract air
Fresh air
Extract air

HomeVent comfort FR (500)

HomeVent comfort FR (500) for large single family homes, villas, commercial spaces and offices.

Really top class.
Hoval technology delivers unique structural and functional advantages - such as the HomeVent comfort FR (500) comfort ventilation. Fully automated, around the clock and entirely without draughts. Dirt particles, pollution, dust and pollen are filtered out. Noise and insects are kept out, too. Stale air and odours are extracted by the system far more reliably than when airing rooms by opening the windows. Valuable heat and humidity that would be lost through windows when airing are retained.
Stuffiness? - Not with Hoval.

Spares resources
Lowers costs
Offers variable installation positions
Creates a pleasant indoor climate