Rotary heat exchangers
Radial Seals

The abrasion resistant radial seals have adjustable perimeter spring clips to minimize air leakage. (Patent pending)

Adjustable Purge Sector

The purge sector is adjustable and prevents contamination of the fresh air with the exhaust air avoiding energy losses. (Patent pending)

Storage Mass

Three types of storage mass are available: condensation, enhtalpy and sorption. The sorption wheel allows constant humidity transfer winter and summer.

Drive Motor

This is a three phase worm gear motor with tensioned V belt drive for constant or variable speed.

Rotary heat exchangers

Hoval rotary heat exchangers are regenerators with rotating heat carrier for use in air handling systems and process technology. Depending on the air conditions and condition of the storage mass, they not only transfer heat but also moisture.

The different diameters and airway heights of the storage mass allow for optimisation for any application. Proven accessories round up the offer.

Technical information

  • Diameters of 0.6 – 2.62 m (one-piece) and/or up to 5 m (segmented)
  • Air flow rates up to approx. 150,000 m³/h
  • Eurovent certified
  • Hygiene certified

First-class leak tightness

Automatic readjusting slide sealing in Hoval rotary heat exchangers permanently reduces leakage compared to conventional systems by up to 70 %. And since Hoval is the only manufacturer to provide a selection program with calculation of the leakage number air handling units and process plants can be sized smaller: This saves costs and energy.

Reduces CO2 emissions
First-class leak tightness saves costs and energy
Adjustable purge sector avoiding energy losses
Automatic readjusting slide sealing