Hoval References

Efficiency by UltraGas condensing boiler


Highest efficiency from 15 to 5000 kW for heating and domestic hot water (DHW) preparation.

Hoval CompactGas – performance


Four pieces of CompactGas 2800 have been installed in the Zhejiang Oceanwide International Center.

Hot water and steam: split system


To save operating costs the hot water will be produced by hot water boiler with higher efficiency than a steam boiler.

Hoval steamboiler in 7 star hotel


Two Hoval steamboilers in Hotel Pangu, which is one of the most luxury hotel in the world.

Hoval Max-3 for a hospital in Tianjin


The first central hospital in Tianjin has been equipped with 12 Hoval Max-3 boilers.

Hot water for district heating


In Xining a lot of people are served by Hoval industrial boilers.